The Creative Agent is Rich Endean - a creative designer based in North East England with over eight years commercial agency experience and a track record for clever design and good ideas.


Brand identity

The Brief: To develop an identity for Xivvi – a new consultancy business specialising in helping individuals and organisations - particularly in the Third Sector - to develop new projects, find new customers, generate income or simply become more efficient.

The Solution: The Xivvi brand is inspired by the letters that make up the Xivvi name and their individual values as roman numerals. These have been translated into five overlapping circles, proportional to the five different numbers to suggest the varied standalone and overlapping activity that Xivvi undertakes as a business. The common thread of Xivvi's work is that everything Xivvi does is make a positive difference. This ethos was incorporated into the brand strapline of “doing good, brilliantly.”


Brand guidelines