The Creative Agent is Rich Endean - a creative designer based in North East England with over eight years commercial agency experience and a track record for clever design and good ideas.

Track record

Making clients happy is what it's all about. So here's a few nice words people have said, and I didn't even slip them a fiver. Honest.

"Rich is highly creative and was very easy to work with. He took feedback well and always delivered on the brief... that's why we consistently went back to work with him. I could always leave him with a difficult brief, wondering how he'd pull it out the bag, and he always did! This is because he takes the time to fully understand his clients and what they need and expect."

Lauren Maleh, who contracted me at Enterprise UK

"Rich is one of the finest designers I have ever worked with in my career. Rich has an incredible ability to spot an angle or a design idea very quickly and will work until that has been created and delivered. One of Rich's key strengths is that whilst he has a superb eye for detail and an idea, he will always deliver what the client wants rather than force his opinions on them. He normally wins through though, as his ideas are so much better but he takes the client with him. He is approachable, affable, flexible with his time and always deliver first class results on time. Anyone who engages with Rich for design will not be disappointed, and I will continue to recommend him, and his work, to as many people as possible."

David Haley, who worked with me at bdaily Ltd

"Rich worked for me at bgroup for eight fantastic years, developing from junior designer to senior creative. He undoubtedly has one of the most intelligent and creative minds I've ever had the pleasure of working with, somehow managing to be equally at ease with concepts, words and colouring in! He has an insightful approach to design, creating results that are both highly effective and uniquely creative. His skills span just about every known medium. And he can even pitch. All round a very good egg."

Di Gates, who managed me at bgroup creative agency

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